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  • Face Detection & Recognition
    – An embedded tilt camera automatically adjusts its angle to the user’s height
  • Dual Camera
    – IR(including IR LED) & Color cameras allow face authentication in darkness
  • FBI PIV Certified Sensor
  • Dual CPU
    – Simultaneous face and fingerprint authentication
  • Dual Card Support
    – Simultaneous RF and Smart Card recognition
  • 5″ Color Touch LCD
    – User-oriented UI
    – Enhanced touch sensitivity
  • Superior Matching Engine
    – Top-ranked algorithm in FVC(Fingerprint Verification Competition)
    – Fake fingerprint detection technology guarantees the highest level of security
  • Multifactor Authentication
    – Face, Fingerprint, Card, PIN
    – 1:1, 1:N Fingerprint authentication, shortcut ID, etc.
  • Crash Report System
    – An analytical report is provided when an error occurs


Item Specification
CPU 1Ghz Quad Core
Memory 4GB NAND / 8GB microSD
Sensor Optical / 500 DPI (FBI-PIV Certified)
Authentication Type Face, Fingerprint, RF card, Password
1:1 Time < 0.2 sec.
1:N Time < 0.6 sec.(5,000 templates)
Max User 100,000 users
Face Capacity 10,000 (1:1) / 2,000 (1:N)
Fingerprint Capacity 100,000 templates (2 template / 1 finger, 50,000 users)
Card Capacity 100,000
Log Capacity 1,000,000
Communication TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, Wiegand In/Out (26/34 bit)
Lock Deadbolt, EM Lock, Door Strike, Automatic Door
Environment -20~60 ℃ / <RH 90%
Dimensions 149.5(W) x 208.5(H) x 46(D) mm

Product Family

Model Name Description
eNBioAccess-T9  Face, Fingerprint, High Frequency Card (13.56MHz),   Low Frequency Card (125kHz)


S/W Package >> AccessManagerPro.

Item Description
Component AccessServer / AccessManager / DBMS
Max. Accessing Terminal 2,000 EA
Max. Remote Client 16
OS Windows 2000 or higher
Max. User 100,000 User (in the server)
DBMS MS SQL 2005 or higher
MS SQL Express 2005 or higher
ACM Pro. Features 1:N eNSearch Engine
– O (when Similar Fingerprint Check is running)
Auto Terminal Search within a Network
– Remote control of server IP and terminal ID/IP
Multi User Download
– Downloading users to multiple terminals at once


System Configuration


Main user interface


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