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termodt4Pyrescom entered on its core business, being conception, manufacturing, and marketing industrial terminals and time and attendance machines.. While developing or integrating all types of acquisition techniques (RFID, Magnetic, Barcode, Homologated Biometry, Hand morphology,) and exercising a technological forecasting on new approaches (network as much as acquisition), offers a follow-up and overtake available technologies on the market.

The whole engineering office of PYRES.COM concentrated in order to give the new TERMOD an optimization geared towards time attendance in an elegant design, while conserving reliability and ease of use from the product which built its reputation. FUNCTIONAL – User guidance for attendance registration and work time recording. – Data consultation (in/out times, vacations, …) – Data input (Missions, Holidays, Events, …) – Enhanced interactivity in phase with current deployments through means of SAAS, Cloud.

RELIABLE – Fast and easy setup, pre-configuration done at the factory – Secured operation, without power or connection. – Ascending compatibility over existing fleet

MODERN – Color graphic screen, Touchscreen option – Picture library to customise your logos, buttons, … – Modern and ergonomic design

– ARM Processor – System (flash) Memory : 256 MB Work (DRAM) Memory : 64 MB – Saved files memory : 50 MB – Memory dedicated for pictures and icons : 6 MB OPTION : MicroSD Memory extension up to 16GB

– Backed up Time & date – Time difference configured from different Timezones – Automatic time update (From server or NTP network service)

Depth 95 mm
Length 215 mm
Height 185 mm

– Color graphic screen (64K) – Base : 4’’3 (Text : 12 x40, Graphical : 480 x 272) – Customisation : pictures, logos, icons – 3 Visual indicators (battery, reading, network) on the front panel – Multi-tone buzzer – OPTION : 5’’7 Touchscreen (Graphical 640 x 480)

– Contactless reader (RFID 13,56Mhz MIFARE, DESFIRE, NFC, 125 Khz, HID…) – Barcode reader, Magnetic reader, Approved Biometry – Proprietary badge reader using ISO2 and Wiegand protocols – 17 Keys keyboard : 5 function keys + Keypad

COMMUNICATION – Ethernet 100/10Mbps port (Speed and duplex auto negociation) RJ-45 connection ( 100BASE-T/10BASE-TX ) OPTION : WIFI, POE ,GPRS — 2 serial ports RS232/RS485. (STN/ISDN/GPRS Modem extensions) – 1 « RSACQ » Field bus in order to drive a full network of peripherals (external readers, access control, 4 I/O modules to drive counters and relays,…) – 1 Extension reader port (Handheld wired and wireless barcode readers) – 1 USB « Host » port (storage, IRDA, serial extensions, …) OPTION : 1 USB « OTG » Port


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