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Performance Management Module by DLI is a comprehensive web application add-on to HR Works which serves to automate the process of Performance Evaluation in an organisation. It renders the performance evaluation system interactive and two-way in which assessor and assessee both can participate for the cause of assessed appraisal.



HRWorks -PES Product Highlights

  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Appraisal
  • Multiple review groups and review periods
  • Appraisal Templates for different levels of employees
  • Appraisal Feedback as request for training sections
  • General appraisal templates at organisational Level
  • Defined levels of appraisal
  • Informed feedback to employees on the appraisal
  • Public display of progress on organisational appraisal goals or objectives
  • Separate appraisal parameters for peers, superiors and subordinates at employee level
  • Public Display of recognition or awards on appraisal feedback
  • Flexibility in adding the appraisals from stakeholders like customers, suppliers, partners etc
  • Award/Recognition process
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